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Diagnosing Back Pain

Many patients spend months, even years needlessly suffering from undiagnosed back pain. The fear of surgery keeps many patients away from a back pain solution – a consultation with a spine specialist. In today’s blog post we discuss the process of accurately diagnosing back pain.

Diagnosing Backup Pain

Brian Dozier Suffers from Pinched Nerve

Pinched Nerve Benches Star Second Baseman

Minnesota Twins’ powerhouse second baseman spent several games on the bench nursing a pinched nerve in his lower back. In today’s post we discuss the symptoms and treatment options for a pinched nerve in the back.

Cervical Discectomy Fusion vs Cervical Disc Replacement

When suffering from a painful spinal condition, our patients all share one goal – stop the pain. In today’s blog post, we discuss the two most common surgical options: Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion vs Cervical Disc Replacement.

The cervical spine

Spinal stenosis back pain

Spinal Stenosis: What’s That?

Spinal stenosis can be a rough hand–but there are ways to deal with it. To better understand spinal stenosis and those healing modalities, let’s begin by talking about what causes spinal stenosis.

Tiger Woods has Spine Surgery

Tiger Woods announced he has undergone successful back surgery to alleviate chronic leg and back pain. In today’s blog post Dr. Shamieh discusses how long Tiger’s recovery should take and why golfers are prone to back pain.

Tiger Woods