Arian Foster was once one of the most famous running backs before a series of injuries. A back injury sidelined him in November of 2013 while playing for the Houston Texans and ended up sitting out the rest of the season after going through a back surgery. 

Foster bounced back in 2014 telling the Bleacher Report the surgery wasn’t a big deal. 

“I can tell you the surgery wasn’t as major as it sounded. That’s why I rebounded so quickly. I also worked my ass off.” explained Foster.

Foster went through a microscopic discectomy. It’s a back surgery we also do at DISC of Louisiana. We will never say a surgery “isn’t a big deal.” There are risks involved with all procedures, especially back surgeries where general anesthesia is used. We will say, the risks of a discectomy are much smaller using minimally invasive methods, like the ones we are known for using.

Our doctors did not treat Arian Foster back in 2013, and have not evaluated him. We can tell you, generally our discectomy procedures are no longer than half an inch and are considered outpatient procedures. Most of our patients are up and walking the same day, and may not even have to spend the night in the hospital. 

After surgery, your doctor may recommend physical therapy. It will help you get back on your feet and strengthen your body. Minimally Invasive Discectomies tend to call for a shorter recovery period, because the incisions are much smaller. Our surgeons are also trained to avoid cutting through the muscles. It means less trauma for your muscles and your body as a whole.

Foster ended up retiring in 2016, after 1 year with the Miami Dolphins. He suffered a series of unrelated, soft-tissue injuries that season.

Struggling with back pain?

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