The front man for the wildly famous band U2 completely recovered after suffering a herniated disc and needed emergency back surgery in 2010.

Bono was rushed to the emergency room after injuring himself during band practice. He was preparing for the U.S. leg of U2’s 360 degree tour. According to ABC news, a Munich hospital admitted him with symptoms of severe back pain and partial paralysis of the leg. Doctors later revealed he suffered a herniated disc and had severe compression of the sciatic nerve.

What is a herniated disc?

We like to compare a disc to a jelly doughnut. When enough pressure is put on the disc, the jelly-like material inside the disc starts squeezing out. The material then compress the nerves around it. This condition can happen in many ways. A few examples could be lifting something incorrectly, a bad fall, or car accident . A herniated disc can also become more common as we get older and put more strain on our backs. Bono was pushing 50 when he had his back surgery. The rocker did not release any details about what exactly happened when he suffered the injury.

Back in Action

U2 delayed it’s North American Tour until the spring and summer of 2011 so Bono could recover. Less than two months after surgery, he was back in the recording studio¬†telling reporters he had completely recovered.¬†

“I can sit. I can stand. I can move around a bit. Feeling strong, feeling confident,” the rocker explained.

Flash forward to 2019 – U2 has not slowed down. U2 currently tours in New Zealand with stops planned in Australia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Manila.

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