Garrett Wibel – Thanksgiving Testimonial

Sciatica from Herniated Disc

As the holidays approach, our thoughts turn toward gratitude: family, friends and good health. Here at DISC of Louisiana, we are thankful for the many incredible patients over the years. So for the week of Thanksgiving, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite patient testimonials. These unique individuals shared their stories with DISC of Louisiana — and now that they’ve successfully undergone spine surgery, they’re back to sharing their special gifts with their communities. This afternoon’s story features an LSU Tiger’s battle against sciatica from a herniated disc.

Spotlighting our fantastic patients, their stories and their contributions is our way of thanking them for putting their future in our hands—and wishing continued health and happiness to all.

Former LSU offensive lineman Garrett Wibel thrilled millions when he helped bring LSU to a Sugar Bowl victory in 2007.  But his skill at blocking defensive linemen, honed by years of weightlifting, took a toll on his body. When Garrett graduated and put his football career behind him, he had one unwanted reminder of the past: the constant pain of sciatica from a herniated disc.

“I have always had back issues, not necessarily from football, but from the years of heavy weightlifting,” Garrett said. He tried expensive mattresses, steroid epidural injections and dry needling, but nothing worked—until his old trainer recommended a consultation with Dr. Shamieh. A former LSU athlete himself, Dr. Shamieh instantly helped Garrett feel at ease. After the surgery, Garrett’s pain was completely gone.

“Right after the surgery, the shooting excruciating pain going down my left leg was gone,” Garrett says. “To me, it was like a miracle; but not really. It’s just what Dr. Shamieh does.”

Today, Garrett has only happy memories of his college football days—as do so many other LSU fans.

Stories like Garrett’s are why we’re passionate about the work we do at DISC of Louisiana. We thank Garrett for trusting Dr. Shamieh and the staff at DISC of Louisiana, to help him start the first quarter of his life after football, pain free.

If you, or someone you know is suffering from sciatica from herniated disc, we look forward to assisting. Contact us today to schedule your evaluation with board certified, fellowship trained spine specialists, Drs. Shamieh and James. We wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving and holiday season.