Jennifer Grey immediately rose to fame as the iconic “Baby” in “Dirty Dancing.” Although she stunned audiences with her moves, Grey was dealing with some serious health issues off-camera. Doctors ended up recommending a serious spine surgery, followed by two more procedures.

A 1987 car accident left Grey with what she thought was intense whiplash. Grey has been very vocal about her spine surgeries. She explained her spine surgery in an article published on her doctor’s website.

It wasn’t until she signed up for the 2010 season of “Dancing with the Stars” that she found out just how serious her condition was. Her spinal cord was compressed and her cervical spine was unstable. First, doctors performed an Anterior Cervical Fusion or an ACDF. Her doctors performed a second surgery to remove bone spurs causing pain in the area. 

Following spine surgery, Jennifer Grey appeared in the 2010 season of DWTS and won. Unfortunately, her journey did not stop there. She ruptured a disc while on Dancing with the stars and ended up needing a third surgery to correct it as well.

Watch below as she talks about her spine surgery on “The Doctors.”

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