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“Disc of Louisiana saved my life!”

Ethel Henderson knew she didn’t have a choice when she viewed her MRI. She knew she needed to have surgery to fix the issues with her spinal cord. She chose DISC of Louisiana’s Dr. Jeremy James for the procedure and would not ever go to anyone else! Now she’s back to enjoying her life – doing yoga and working out!

“Thank God I have that back again!”

Greg Harding suffered for 2 years in pain and misery. After years as a professional football player, Mr. Harding was looking to take his life back – and that is just what he did!

“I am not in any pain. Any.”

William Fowler works with big wrenches and tools at his job as a Mechanical Technician. When he started feeling pain in his neck and numbness in his hand, it affected his job, his family life, and everything he liked to do. Then he found Dr. Justin L. Owen and DISC of Louisiana.

“I feel like I can do anything now!”

Julie Tamplain struggled with chronic neck and arm pain for 10 years before she finally found her solution – a minimally invasive spine surgery with Dr. Samer Shamieh. 

“Three days later, I was out in the woods, climbing trees.”

Don Dubuc is a long-time television and radio host, and professional “Outdoors Man.” His 30-year career doing “Fish and Game” reports for WWL-TV in New Orleans got much harder as Don starting battling pain related to degenerative disc disease and spondylolisthesis.

New Surgery for an Old School Guy

“I Don’t Believe in Quick Fixes.”

Douglas Brown, owner of Jack Brown’s Food Store in Franklinton, LA, admits he’s an “Old School” kind of guy. He believes in working hard and not taking shortcuts. So when that familiar “roaring pain” began shooting down his leg, he knew it meant one thing – another painful back surgery.

“As of today, I have no pain whatsoever!”

An avid cyclist, horseback rider, swimmer and gardener, Colleen Toye is active, to say the least. She also runs her own Christmas ornament-making business. Which is why it was so frightening when she went from active to completely incapacitated within just a few days.

A Career Comeback that didn’t Happen on the Field

Coach Rick Mauldin has faced-down adversity and overcome seemingly overwhelming odds to earn two State Championship titles and over 500 wins as a High School baseball coach. However, when crippling back pain forced his mid-season retirement, the future looked dark for his coaching career. But, as Yogi Berra said, “It’ ain’t over ’til it’s over”. Listen how Coach Mauldin’s never-say-die attitude, a consultation with New Orleans Spine Surgeon K. Samer Shamieh, MD, and a minimally invasive spinal procedure put Coach back in the game.

LSU Tiger Takes On Life After Football

Garett Wibel began his LSU Football career in 2003 under Coach Nick Saban. He ended it with a 2007 Sugar Bowl victory over Notre Dame under Coach Les Miles. But a couple months after leaving the football, Wibel began paying a hefty price for the intense pounding his body took. “For seven years I suffered from lower back and leg pain, but the last three of those years, the pain was excruciating.”

I have no sciatic pain anymore.

Dr. James did my surgery for a herniated disc. They were wonderful. I have no sciatic pain anymore. It is such a relief since my pain was excruciating. I didn’t even have surgery pain. – Valerie P.

I feel 100% after neck and back surgery!

Amazing neck surgery, I have recovered and I feel 100% better only 3 months ago!!! Back surgery went great as well, only one month ago!! I have been amazed by the Confident care By Doctor Samer Shamieh!! Thanks!! I have recommended Disc of La to everyone I know. – Jessica K.

The best Christmas gift ever!

This surgery performed on December 20th was my best Christmas gift ever! Dr. James did exactly what I was hoping for and more–I walked out of recovery pain free for the first time in 2 years. He and his staff were extremely accommodating. Absolutely no negatives. Would do it again anytime if necessary. – Marlene Z.

Dr. Shamieh changed my life for the better!

Dr. Shamieh made the most drastic change in my life on 4/30/18 for the BETTER. He was top-notch A-1 from my 1st visit with him through follow up. I suffered from chronic pain from L5-S1 which later resulted in a pars fracture compressing the sciatic nerve for 10 years! He performed an ALIF/PLIF on me that resulted in me waking up from surgery walking beyond 100 ft with my back brace, unassisted. The PT, nurses, other patients, friends, and family were amazed! PT discharged me immediately. WOW! – Rose P.

I’m pain free.

Expressing Gratitude – Sincere appreciation for the outstanding care and compassion Dr. Jeremy James and his assistant has provided. I’m pain free. Thank You! – Kat S.

I want to thank Dr. Shamieh for giving me my life back.

“First and foremost, I want to thank Dr. Shamieh for giving me my life back. I suffered from severe neck pain, arm numbness, tingling and loss of sleep. Most importantly, I lost time with my family. Dr. Shamieh was very caring and informative. He didn’t rush me, and always made me feel at ease. Having had a previous cervical fusion, I was prepared to lose my voice and get another ugly scar. However, I woke up from my procedure pain free and happily surprised that I could talk! Dr. Shamieh positioned the incision so that he actually improved the appearance of my old scar. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take charge of my life, pain free.” – Aurora S.

I am now 100%.

“I had severe pain in my lower back and down my leg. I couldn’t extend or bend my leg without pain for two years. After surgery with Dr. Shamieh, I am now 100%. The service and care provided were first class.” – Garrett W., former LSU offensive lineman

I would recommend Dr. James and his staff to my family and friends.

Very pleased with the outcome of my herniated disc surgery. I would recommend Dr. James and his staff to my family and friends. – Johanna V.

My surgery was in the morning and I was home by 4 PM that same day!

“I suffered from sciatic nerve pain in my lower back and down through my leg for nearly a year. I tried everything to alleviate the pain, but nothing relieved my discomfort. I could not walk from my house to the mailbox without resting. Dr. Shamieh at DISC of Louisiana recommended minimally invasive surgery for spinal stenosis. I have never undergone surgery and was afraid of it, but I was desperate for relief. My surgery was in the morning and I was home by 4 PM that same day! I felt no more pain. I have not taken pain medication since the surgery. I could not be happier with the results.” – Melville B.

Drs. James and Simoneaux got me out of pain and back on my feet.

Dr. James and Dr. Simoneaux are both wonderful physicians. I suffered from neck and back pain for five years when a car crash exacerbated my neck and back. Drs. James and Simoneaux got me out of pain and back on my feet. I thank them from the bottom of my heart and would recommend them to anyone. – Charlene L.

A future without constant back pain and fog from so many medications.

“I have been suffering for many years from severe back pain caused from a significant herniation at the L5/S1 vertebrae. I was referred to Dr. Shamieh by my primary care physician after I had received an unfavorable diagnosis from a neurosurgeon. Dr. Shamieh put me at ease from the first moment I met him and described a treatment plan that gave me hope that relief was still possible. It is evident that he understands what it means to suffer with chronic back pain. His empathy and down-to-earth approach were refreshing and sincerely appreciated. I could not be more pleased with the results of my procedure. I have enthusiastically recommended Dr. Shamieh to everyone who experiences chronic back pain. I strongly encourage anyone suffering to make an appointment, even if you have been given other opinions or feel your options are limited. It is hard to put a value on being virtually pain free. I am looking forward to a future without constant back pain and the fog from so many pain medications.” – Rob P., CPM, CPIM, LSU HSC-New Orleans

God bless them!

“DISC of Louisiana, Dr. Shamieh, and his staff did a great job. The pain before my surgery was excruciating. There was no position in which I could find any comfort. Dr. Shamieh’s procedure fixed what the MRI did not show. My disc was flat and crushing my sciatic nerve. He performed a discectomy between the L5 and S1. When I awoke in recovery, I no longer had pain. I pray for Dr. Shamieh and his staff daily. I believe Dr. Shamieh and his more than capable staff can help anybody with back and neck problems. God bless them!” – Charles P.

My operation changed my life.

“For over a year, I had excruciating pain down the left side of my leg all the way into my toes. I had trouble getting up. The fusion surgery performed by Dr. Shamieh alleviated my pain. I strongly recommend Dr. Shamieh’s services to anyone with neurosurgical needs. My operation changed my life; it was given back to me! I am still pain free.” – Robert H.

I would recommend Dr. Shamieh to anyone in pain. I put my faith in him!

“Dr. Shamieh performed a lumbar fusion on me and within three days I was pain free. My home healthcare nurse, home physical therapist, family, friends, and even myself were all amazed. Dr. Shamieh saved me! I would recommend him to anyone in severe pain. I put my faith in him! I am so pleased with Dr. Shamieh.” – Beverly O.

You were our guiding light in unknown territory.

“The sole purpose of this letter is intended to focus on you, along with your absolute kindness, compassion for others, and to shine the light on your remarkable professionalism and extreme talent as an orthopedic surgeon. Thanks to you Dr. Shamieh, you have restored a portion of our mom’s life that she would have never regained without your intervention. You have restored a deep trust that is sometimes lost in the medical profession. You went above and beyond the role of a caring physician by exhibiting a great amount of compassion, care, and concern. We, as a family, cannot begin to express our gratitude and appreciation for you as a doctor, but also as a guardian angel sent for my mom. The amount of time you spent walking us through this journey can never be regained but will always be remembered by us as a priceless gift rendering our indebtedness eternal. You were our guiding light in unknown territory. God sent us a wonderful, compassionate surgeon and friend when we met you. You will always be welcomed in our hearts and homes.” – Family members of Greta K.

The same day, I went for my first walk without leg pain in ten years.

“For six years, I have had pain in my left calf and thigh. I have had similar pain in my left knee for nearly twelve years and behind my right knee for the last two years. I could not walk without pain. Dr. Shamieh performed a laminectomy on me, which lasted almost three hours. That same day I went for my first walk without leg pain in ten years. All I can say is it is amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Shamieh.” – Jerry S.

I have returned to my daily activities completely pain free.

“I have had back and leg pain for over twenty years. I could not walk nor stand and sit without experiencing pain. I tried everything that was recommended me to alleviate the pain, yet nothing worked. Finally, I underwent back surgery with Dr. Shamieh. I have now returned to my daily activities completely pain free. Thanks to Dr. Shamieh I have my life back. Thank you for your expertise in the field. You are a life saver! I would tell anyone having back problems that there is hope with treatment provided by Dr. Shamieh. I encourage you to schedule an appointment with him today.” – Evelyn L.

The relief was instant. I cannot thank Dr. Shamieh enough.

“During my first visit to DISC of Louisiana, I was in a wheelchair. I tried the usual back treatments to find a solution for my pain, but they only made it worse. Dr. Shamieh explained the procedure he would do, and I was apprehensive. I was in so much pain that I knew I had to go through with this procedure. The relief was instant. I would recommend DISC of Louisiana without hesitation. I cannot thank Dr. Shamieh enough.” – Paul G.

I could not stand or walk. The next day, my pain was gone.

“Damage to my L4/L5 vertebrae caused me pain that became progressively worse over the years. As time went on, it became unbearable. I could not stand or walk more than a few feet. Dr. Shamieh examined my MRI and scheduled my surgery. I stayed in the hospital overnight and was released the next day. My pain was gone. I am now able to walk without any pain. I would recommend Dr. Shamieh to anyone with back pain.” – Francis R.

Thank you, Dr. Shamieh. Keep doing wonders for people.

“The pain I experienced from my bulging disc started in 2009. While at a seminar, I had to leave to be rushed to the emergency room because the pain was unbearable. I could not even sleep in my bed without pain. In 2010, I began routinely taking shots and pain medications to alleviate my pain. After these methods stopped working, I was sent to see Dr. Shamieh, who performed my surgery in December of 2012. Immediately after surgery, I had no more pain. I have not taken one pain reliever since the surgery. The best thing that has ever happened to me was having Dr. Shamieh perform my surgery. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back. He is the best in my book. Thank you Dr. Shamieh, keep doing wonders for people.” – Keith R.