It was just great! I just knew I was going to be better after this.

Colleen’s life was changed on a trip for a class reunion. A simple task, pulling a heavy suitcase out of the car, landed her with shooting pain down her leg. Hammond Spine Surgeon, Jeremy James, M.D. later diagnosed her symptoms as a herniated disc.

Colleen is a wife, mother, and Christmas ornament maker. After Dr. James performed a minimally invasive discectomy, her pain was gone.

It is like it never happened! 

“I can resume to do everything I did before including riding my bike and horseback riding,” Colleen said.

Now Colleen is back to doing what she loves. Riding her bike, horseback riding, Pilates, and creating life-long memories.

Helping restore quality of life for people like Colleen, is our only goal at DISC of Louisiana.

Are you struggling with back pain or neck pain? Make an appointment with one of the highest-ranking spine surgeons in the state. Northshore spine surgeons, Dr. K. Samer Shamieh and Dr. Jeremy James are board certified, fellowship trained spine specialists, practicing the latest minimally-invasive spine procedures.