I’m old-school. I thought if you had to have surgery it had to hurt, but I was wrong.

Douglas Brown, owner of Jack Brown’s Food Store in Franklinton, LA, says he doesn’t believe in quick fixes. He isn’t a stranger to back pain or back surgery, admitting he had 4 back procedures before coming to DISC of Louisiana.

He went through epidural injections, and other forms of pain relief, but those practices were only temporary. When he felt a “roaring pain” in his leg, he knew what was wrong.

Despite his old-school ways, Brown made an appointment with Northshore spine surgeon, Dr. Jeremy James, to learn more about Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.

It really surprised me!

Brown’s minimally invasive spinal procedure caused less pain and saw less blood loss. The state-of-the-art technique allows Dr. James to navigate around the tissue and muscles surrounding the painful disc, instead of cutting through them. That means less trauma, and a faster recovery.

“I left home at 4:30AM that morning,” Mr. Brown said, “at 2:30 PM I was at home having a cup of coffee in my recliner. No pain. Taking no medicine. And sure enough, on my back there was only a Band-Aid. It really surprised me. It was a lot different than what I was used to!”

Now I can do whatever I want to do.

Today, Brown says he can do whatever he wants to do. “I can bend over, lift things, walk and sleep in a bed,” he smiled, “That’s a real nice thing.” For patients like Douglas Brown, being active and self-sufficient is a way of life in his physically demanding grocery store business.

Are you struggling with back pain or neck pain? Make an appointment with one of the highest-ranking spine surgeons in the state. Northshore spine surgeons, Dr. K. Samer Shamieh and Dr. Jeremy James are board certified, fellowship trained spine specialists, practicing the latest minimally-invasive spine procedures.