To me, it was like a miracle; but not really. It’s just what Dr. Shamieh does.

-Garett Wibel

Former LSU offensive lineman, Garett Wibel, made university history as part of the 2007 National Championship team. His years of defensive blocking and heavy weightlifting didn’t do any favors for his back. When college was over, and Garrett tried to put his football career behind him, the pain became an unwanted reminder of the past.

Northshore spine surgeon, Dr. K. Samer Shamieh would eventually diagnose the symptoms as sciatica from a herniated disc.

“I have always had back issues, not necessarily from football, but from the years of heavy weightlifting,” Garett said. He tried expensive mattresses, steroid epidural injections and dry needling, but nothing worked—until his old trainer recommended a consultation with Dr. Shamieh. A former LSU athlete himself, Dr. Shamieh instantly helped Garett feel at ease. After the surgery, Garett’s pain was completely gone.

Right after the surgery, the shooting excruciating pain going down my left leg was gone. 

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